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If you are thinking about moving to New York City (NYC), you are not alone.  But affordable housing can be difficult to find.  Here is a breakdown of recent real estate trends by borough in the metropolitan area.


Although real estate law may not be a very publicly visible form of law, it’s nonetheless indispensable to real estate transactions. And one way or another, property buyers and sellers eventually become familiar with it.


Recently, New York City (NYC) mayoral candidates got candid in a blog published on The Real The mayoral hopefuls gave varying appraisals when it came to the pro-development efforts of the Bloomberg Administration. Bloomberg’s legacy will be a hard one to follow, particularly with the momentum of completed and ongoing development projects that seek to transform the city. Mayor Bloomberg’s development strategy was designed “to attract and retain businesses and stimulate job growth” in all five boroughs of NYC.  Although successful in some aspects, the mayor’s efforts are being confronted by the mayoral candidates.


The process of searching for and buying property can be lengthy and difficult. And in NYC, buying real estate can present a particular challenge. The high prices and fierce competition for space in New York dictate that you be vigilant and well-prepared in order to secure a desirable property. Before attempting to purchase, prepare by following these steps.


Whether you are a renter, a first time buyer or an empty nester searching for your retirement home, green real estate – an increasing trend in the real estate market – can save you money in the long run. While green real estate might cost you more upfront, you will certainly see a return on your investment with your reduced monthly bills. From community gardens to solar chimneys to geothermal heat and cooling systems, there are many ways in which your green real estate will help save the environment and your wallet.

Three Ways Green Real Estate Can Cut Down on Your Monthly Bills


Hey Internet world! Today marks the launch of the Joshua Just Website and the Joshua Just blog!

I, Joshua Just, Diversified Investments CEO/Founder, will be blogging about the latest investment, finance, legal, and real estate developments and happenings. As an experienced leader with over 30 years in the marketplace, I can offer a trusted opinion on what’s happening in the business world which I will do in the “Joshua Just Judgement” section of the blog!

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