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Although real estate law may not be a very publicly visible form of law, it’s nonetheless indispensable to real estate transactions. And one way or another, property buyers and sellers eventually become familiar with it.


Recently, New York City (NYC) mayoral candidates got candid in a blog published on The Real The mayoral hopefuls gave varying appraisals when it came to the pro-development efforts of the Bloomberg Administration. Bloomberg’s legacy will be a hard one to follow, particularly with the momentum of completed and ongoing development projects that seek to transform the city. Mayor Bloomberg’s development strategy was designed “to attract and retain businesses and stimulate job growth” in all five boroughs of NYC.  Although successful in some aspects, the mayor’s efforts are being confronted by the mayoral candidates.


The process of searching for and buying property can be lengthy and difficult. And in NYC, buying real estate can present a particular challenge. The high prices and fierce competition for space in New York dictate that you be vigilant and well-prepared in order to secure a desirable property. Before attempting to purchase, prepare by following these steps.


hidden bankruptcy fees

Okay, you already know that filing for bankruptcy is a very serious decision and not one you should make without studying up on and considering alternatives for. When doing so, it’s important to remember that there is no quick fix to bankruptcy as there are countless hidden bankruptcy fees, lawyer’s fee structures, court costs and all around annoyances that are associated with this “simple” way of relieving your debt. Here’s an idea of some of the bankruptcy fees you should expect when filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Fees #1 – Lawyers’ Fee Structures

Attorney Billing Still Applies to Bankruptcy!


Joshua Just Lawyer Fee Structures

For anyone searching for information on how much a lawyer will cost, the lawyer fee structures seem like a complicated and often misunderstood process. However, rest assured that the number one lawyer fee structure (hourly rate) is pretty straightforward. Here is an explanation of how the different types of lawyer fees are generated.

Lawyer Fee Structures #1: Hourly Billing

Hourly billing is the most common way lawyer fee structures are set up and how most attorneys make their money.  The lawyers typically get paid an agreed-upon hourly rate for the hours he or she works on a case until it is completely resolved.  This is the most common practice of lawyer fee structures because it adequately assesses all the “behind the scenes” work that goes into the majority of cases – phone calls, research, analysis, etc – that are accomplished whether a case is won or lost.  Rates vary considerably per attorney. From

“Rates may vary anywhere from $50 an hour to a $1,000 an hour or more…Hourly billing rates can often depend on a combination of the lawyer’s professional experience and reputation.”

In addition, law offices may also charge for the time of other legal personnel. For example, hourly billing rates for senior paralegals and legal assistants vary significantly.


Even though debt settlement companies have helped thousands of Americans get out of debt, trustworthy debt settlement companies often feel few and far between. In truth, the industry sometimes gets a bad rap. While my own company, Debt Logic, operates under very strict principles of clear and honest transactions, sadly not every debt settlement company does and a few bad apples can spoil the reputation of the bunch. As a consumer, one way to protect yourself from a damaging business relationship is to spot the red flags of a shady company.