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Buying a home in New York, or anywhere in the country for that matter, can be a daunting and difficult process, even for the most experienced home buyers. The buying and selling of property in New York is governed by a complicated set of real estate laws. As such, it is prudent to always consult with an experienced New York real estate attorney when buying a home. In any event, all homebuyers should have basic understanding regarding key parts of the home buying process

Basics of Buying a Home in New York

Seller’s Duty to Complete Disclosure Form

In the past, sellers had little obligation to disclose defects in a house to a buyer. This was known as “caveat emptor,” which means buyer beware. Fortunately for buyers today, New York has created exceptions to this rule that minimize its harmful effect on buyers. What’s more, under the Property Condition Disclosure Act, sellers must complete a standard form that requires the seller to make disclosures regarding legal, financial, and physical characteristics of the home. Sellers, however, may choose not to complete the form, but if they do so, they must pay a $500 credit to the buyers at closing. (more…)

In 1978, the U.S. Congress enacted the Bankruptcy Code, which governs all bankruptcy cases. Federal bankruptcy laws were enacted “to give debtors a financial ‘fresh start’ from burdensome debts.” While the Bankruptcy Code has been amended several times, the bankruptcy process is still complex—something that even the U.S. Courts recognize. To make matters worse, the Bankruptcy Code contains complex legal concepts and terms, such as “automatic stay,” “discharge,” “exemptions,” and “assume.” The complexity of the Bankruptcy Code often makes it difficult for individuals to understand and appreciate the various stages of bankruptcy. To help with this problem, this article provides a brief overview of the bankruptcy process and its various stages.

Bankruptcy Rules and Structure

The bankruptcy process is governed by the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and local rules of each bankruptcy court. (more…)

If you are thinking to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you will have to pass the means test. You need to know that it is the means test which will help you know if you really earn below your means and thus, require filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The individuals who earn a good salary and cannot pass the means test may use Chapter 13 bankruptcy for paying off some of their outstanding debts. However, they might not be using Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eradicate all the debts.


If you are thinking about moving to New York City (NYC), you are not alone.  But affordable housing can be difficult to find.  Here is a breakdown of recent real estate trends by borough in the metropolitan area.


Although real estate law may not be a very publicly visible form of law, it’s nonetheless indispensable to real estate transactions. And one way or another, property buyers and sellers eventually become familiar with it.


Recently, New York City (NYC) mayoral candidates got candid in a blog published on The Real The mayoral hopefuls gave varying appraisals when it came to the pro-development efforts of the Bloomberg Administration. Bloomberg’s legacy will be a hard one to follow, particularly with the momentum of completed and ongoing development projects that seek to transform the city. Mayor Bloomberg’s development strategy was designed “to attract and retain businesses and stimulate job growth” in all five boroughs of NYC.  Although successful in some aspects, the mayor’s efforts are being confronted by the mayoral candidates.


The process of searching for and buying property can be lengthy and difficult. And in NYC, buying real estate can present a particular challenge. The high prices and fierce competition for space in New York dictate that you be vigilant and well-prepared in order to secure a desirable property. Before attempting to purchase, prepare by following these steps.


Millions of consumers are crushed under the burden of debt after the recent economic depression in the US. In such situations, people either rely on debt settlement services or they file for bankruptcy as a last resort. These two debt settlement solutions help people to start their financial life afresh. But before you select a debt settlement solution, it is essential to understand the differences between debt settlement and bankruptcy. A comparative analysis can help you make the right decision.


Across the country, the national debate over how to solve the medical malpractice crisis and who is to blame has been heating up. The insurance industry is pointing fingers at the civil justice system, namely medical malpractice attorneys,as being responsible for these increases over the last two decades. On the other hand, an argument is being made that the insurance corporations risky financing schemes are causing the spike.


With universal health care bringing health insurance to the public’s attention in more ways than ever before, people are looking to medical discount card programs to help ease the burden of expensive health insurance costs.

A Medical Discount Card Program is similar to a dental or vision or prescription discount card, but promise discounts on a broader array of health care needs. A medical discount card program can be used for doctor visits, hospitalizations, laboratory testing, and other health care services. (more…)