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The decision on what kind of law to specialize is likely causing a great deal of stress to those students on the verge of entering law school. While the majority will decide to be the kinds of lawyers that work on standard law specialties like construction or will and trusts, others will choose to take a bit braver route. These kinds of lawyers – those who choose to take part in newer and innovative fields – are the kinds of lawyers that are the ones will become leaders as they advance in their fields. What kind of fields offers countless opportunities to set precedence and assist in changing the way we function? Fields like health care, energy solutions, and insurance offer this and so much more.

Emerging Kinds of Lawyers: Insurance

With the law changing so rapidly, countless new kinds of law are coming into existence and evolving so much, that most law firms can’t keep up.

A recent article in The Washington Post highlighted one law firm that is able to though. DC law firm Arent Fox has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the insurance market by expanding their insurance and reinsurance unit in New York. (more…)