Green Real Estate: How Your Green Home Can Save You Some Dough

Photo By Ryan Sommas

Whether you are a renter, a first time buyer or an empty nester searching for your retirement home, green real estate – an increasing trend in the real estate market – can save you money in the long run. While green real estate might cost you more upfront, you will certainly see a return on your investment with your reduced monthly bills. From community gardens to solar chimneys to geothermal heat and cooling systems, there are many ways in which your green real estate will help save the environment and your wallet.

Three Ways Green Real Estate Can Cut Down on Your Monthly Bills

  1. Community Gardens – A community garden, a green real estate amenity, at a condo complex in New Jersey is saving its tenants some cash on their grocery bills by allowing the occupants to grow their own produce. Jennifer Finotti and her fiancé, Scott Sheppard are among apartment dwellers at the condo complex who are excited to start growing tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables in the community garden. Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas and are undoubtedly saving residents some money on their monthly food bill.
  1. Solar Chimneys – A solar chimney, a relatively new green real estate design, is a money saving feature at a row house in Washington DC. The solar chimney provides cooling and fresh air for the homeowners without using conventional air conditioning. The solar chimney helped the owners cut their monthly energy bill by 65%.
  2. Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems – Geothermal heating and cooling systems, a green real estate technology, are being installed at a retirement community in North Carolina. This system will keep residents cool in the summer and warm in the winter by tapping into the power of the earth. The geothermal system uses groundwater from a well field, which works as a giant heat exchanger, taking advantage of the earth’s relatively constant temperatures. In the warm summer months, the geothermal system will distribute cool air to the buildings and will work just the opposite in the winter – saving lessees some serious cash on their energy bills.

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